Kenya AA

Region: Mount Kenya
Process: Washing
Variety: Bourbon, SL-28, SL-34
Crop Height: 1400-1900 msm

Kenyan coffee is grown on plateaus that rise up to 1400-1900 meters above sea level, where the plants enjoy excellent climatic conditions conducive to the production of fruit that produces a bright, acidic taste. The mountainous terrain of Kenya in East Africa is made up of volcanic and clay soil with a red appearance. Today, AA Kenyan coffee is carefully processed to ensure a product of the highest quality. In the double fermentation method, farmers pulp the cherries immediately after harvest and place the mucilage-coated seeds in fermentation tanks. , with minimal contact with water, for 12 to 24 hours, depending on the speed of fermentation. In this first stage, fermentation is allowed to continue until a large part of the mucilage begins to separate from the seed.

The coffee is washed from the tanks into water channels where agitation helps to rinse and remove loose mucilage, stopping the fermentation process. Seeds that are low-density ‘floating’ are also collected at this stage of the process, one of the many steps that ensure consistent high quality of Kenyan coffee.After cleaning the coffee, the first step is repeated, dipping it into a second fermentation tank for another 12 to 24 hours.

This will restart the fermentation process, but this time with less sugar and fruit material available. At the end of this second stage, the coffee goes back through the water channels where any final mucilage residue is eliminated.Once the coffee has been separated, the different batches are transferred to their own water tanks where the coffees are soaked for an additional 24 hours. The soaked seeds are removed and placed in elevated driers. Once the humidity of the coffee reaches around 11-12%, this essentially concludes the processing of the Kenyan coffee. Finally they peel dry.

Tasting notes: Citrus, lemon acidity, black currant. Chocolate, intense sugar cane aftertaste, with body and balance.
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