Costa Rica Tarrazú Women

Country: Costa Rica
Region : Tarrazú, Los Santos
Process: Yellow Honey
Variety: Caturra
Alt Crop: 1900 msm SHB

It is a coffee grown only by women, in Costa Rica in the Tarrazú region. Association created by Coopetarrazú to accelerate and develop the talent and economic empowerment of women, in order to improve economic inclusion and their emotional, social and financial situation.

The yellow honey fermentation leaves about 25% mucilage normally has less shade during drying, in order to speed up the drying time and obtain a yellow color.

Honey processed coffees generally contain great sweetness and acidity balanced with fruity notes. The flavors are normally less intense than those of a natural, but their clarity and definition is much more noticeable and pronounced.

The coffee plantations are located in ideal conditions for cultivation, in soils of sedimentary origin, which are acidic due to their components.

It is harvested from November to March (dry season).

Notes: Cherry, caramel and vanilla.
Roast: Slightly more roasted to give an optimal coffee packed in capsule (aluminum, Nespresso compatible)
☕️ 10 capsules of coffee

Capsules Costa Rica Tarrazú Women

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