Our Story

Coma Coffee Roasters is a company formed by professionals dedicated to the world of coffee. We are already the fourth generation of roasters (1934), located in a small paradise in the middle of the Pyrenees, Andorra. We seek to have in our hands the best green coffee beans, from plantations where the farmer and the plantation are respected. Less than a year ago we got confirmation of the possibility of exporting outside our small country, and with Coma Coffee Roasters we are launching ourselves into this. Our aim is to serve an excellent cup of coffee, so we take the whole process very seriously: sourcing, buying, storing, roasting, packing and shipping our product.

We carefully roast our coffee beans according to their characteristics and needs, ensuring exceptional results, with our own quality standards. We practically turn on the roasters every day, so our coffee is always freshly roasted.
We love blends! That’s why we spend a lot of time creating and “cooking” them, so don’t wait to try them!
All our products, Coffees, Blends, Cold Brew and coffee liqueur are handmade in our establishment, with a lot of dedication and love, to reach high quality standards!


Creating Blends has become one of my passions. I stared studying hospitality at the Hoffmann Hospitality school in Barcelona., then I worked with Nandú Jubany and Carles Gaig whom both have michellin stars. I had my own restaurant for 5 years but when I was pregnant witch my first child I mad the decision to leave the world of hospitality to be able to spend time with my family. It was at that point I stared to work at the family business with my father Albert Coma at Magatzems Coma to test try and see if I liked the job, as if there is no passion with the role, I can’t do it.

The first thing I learned was to roast, try and error, every day. One day I realized I was totally hooked on the trade, between looking for “PERFECTION” of my roast and my Blends, it was all I could think about!!

By the way, I roast with a digitized Probat 0, my job as a roaster is 100% craftsman, I rely on a database that I have been compiling throughout time and especially visually and by ear.

Coffee is our trade, our ritual, our passion.