In search of the perfect balance.


A blend is a mixture of coffees from different origins whose aim is to obtain a cup with different qualities to those that each coffee would have individually, seeking a balanced and complete cup.
Combining carefully selected origins, roasting points, searching for personality and the perfect cup is part of our passion.
The advantage of varietal roasting is that we always know the origin and the most outstanding attributes of the coffee we are roasting, while the advantage of blends is that we can build different tastes and aromas of coffee by blending different origins, while keeping the taste consistent.
If we have a very controlled system of roasting, the system of roasting by origins for subsequent blending will guarantee a good uniformity of view of the product, but the subsequent storage and blending is more complex than in the green blending system. The family roasting system also gives good results and eases the problems of blending and storage.