Origen Café – India Hoysala Sarchimor

Dried Fruit Brown Spice Almond
Country: India
Región: Karnataka
Subregión/Localidad: Chikmagalur
Owner: Producers working with Hoysala
Coffee Grade: Plant A

Processing: Fully washed
Farm/Coop/Station:  Hoysala Plantation
Varietal: Sarchimor
Altitud: 930 sms

About This Coffee
Hoysala Plantation in located in Angadi village, where the Hoysala Dynasty was founded in the 10th century. Coffee was first planted in the region in the 1920s. The plantation has been owned by the current owners since 1950. Today, the third-generation of family owners focus on meticulous cultivation and processing.

The Sarchimor variety trees in this lot descend from the original line of Sarchimor plants that were first introduced to India in the early 2000s. Farmers in the region decided to pursue high quality varieties and imported the Sarchimor variety themselves. Since then, the Coffee Board of India used this Sarchimor line to conduct research and released a formal version under the local name, Chandragiri.
The soil is rich in humus and organic matter that nurture growing coffee trees. Coffee is grown under shade on tiered slopes populated with native plant species, including fruit trees. Over 200 species of animals, birds, insects and reptiles make their home in the canopy. They also grow black pepper, areca (a nut) and fruit on the plantation.

Harves&Post Harvest
Cherry is selectively handpicked by local laborers. Lots are kept separate by variety and day harvested. At the on-site mill, workers visually sort cherry by hand before floating all cherry twice to ensure no over or under ripe cherry remain.
Cherry is pulped and separated by density. Coffee is fermented and then washed in clean water. Workers lay parchment on breathable fiber mats on patios to sundry. They rake parchment constantly to ensure even drying. Parchment is covered during the hottest part of the day and overnight to protect it from condensation.
Once dry, coffee is placed in jute bags and rested in a well-ventilated store room for 30 to 45 days. Then, coffee is delivered to the dry mill to be hulled and prepared for export.

Bag weight

1Kg, 500g, 250g

Type Of Grinding

Whole Bean, Moka / Italian, French press / Embolo, V60

India Hoysala Sarchimor
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