Decaffeinate Mexico

Country: Mexico
Process: Swiss Water
Alt cultivation: 1200m

The result is a clean extraction process where only the caffeine is removed, leaving the characteristic and unique aromas and flavors of the coffee intact.
In many cases, decaffeinated coffee contains strong and harmful chemicals, in many decaffeination processes chemical solvents are used to remove caffeine from green coffee beans.
However, the decaffeination process devised by SWISS WATER does not occur and the chemical solvents are replaced with Canadian mountain water to remove the caffeine.
To extract caffeine, green coffee extract (CVE) is used -water saturated with the soluble components of coffee except caffeine- and carbon filter technology, capable, in general, of offering us a coffee without caffeine of 99.9%

Notes: Citrus and cocoa.
☕️ 10 coffee capsules

Decaffeinate Mexico

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