Coffee and Sport

Coffee and Sport

Coffee is the companion of many when a new day begins. Its delicious flavor and its injection of energy have become a real necessity to be able to face a new day with a clear mind, warding off the symptoms of drowsiness due to a bad night or insufficient rest. But coffee can also provide other benefits to the body, such as improving performance when doing sports, helping to achieve the goals set, did you know? Do you want to discover how coffee can help you when doing sports? Read on and find out why.

Improves aerobic endurance

Having a cup of coffee before exercising helps improve the body’s ability to perform the physical activity that is going to be carried out for a longer time. In other words, caffeine intake is very beneficial to be able to carry out a certain activity for a longer time, improving resistance and taking the practice of said activity to another level.

In addition, drinking this delicious drink also improves muscular endurance, to a lesser extent than aerobic endurance.


Improves physical performance

A study published by the International Society of Sports Nutrition shows that controlled intake of caffeine helps improve exercise performance. This effect can be observed especially in sports such as sprinting, throwing or jumping. In Sports Me

d it was indicated that this increase in performance can make a significant difference for those athletes who need to stand out, even if it is by small margins in their sports disciplines.


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Increased speed, power and strength

The presence of caffeine in the body before starting a training session helps improve muscle strength, speed of movement, as well as anaerobic power, which translates

into a much stronger, more powerful and faster athlete capable of achieving better results. . Enjoying an Arabica coffee before a workout can be a great moment of pleasure as well as being an ideal food supplement for those who lift weights, do races or simply for those who go to the gym to do sit-ups or squats.


Improves focus during sports activities

It is well known that caffeine significantly improves concentration, attention and overall cognitive performance. That is why, over time, it has become one of the first foods we eat when we get up in the morning and want to be completely clear. This same benefit can be transferred to the world of sports. In activities such as kung-fu or gymnastics where extra concentration is required, taking a dose of caffeine can be ideal to achieve the necessary focus to perform the exercise much more effectively.


Better muscle recovery

Taking a dose of caffeine after training also has its advantages. Thus, according to a study published by the American Physiological Society, drinking caffeine after training increases the absorption of glucose by the intestine and, therefore, when carbohydrates are consumed, it is possible to provide a greater amount of them to the muscles, completing their deposits. Choosing a delicious coffee in the Coma coffee roasters online store may be the best way to end an exercise session, ensuring complete and rapid recovery of the muscles involved in it.


Improves blood circulation

Caffeine intake has been shown to improve blood flow by 30% over an interval of approximately 75 minutes. In order for the muscles to work properly they need an adequate supply of oxygen, a supply that is achieved with adequate blood circulation. That is why better blood circulation during exercise translates into greater muscle power. Having a coffee from coffee roasters before going out for a run, for example, translates into a greater enjoyment of the race, in muscles that work better during the development of the session.


Reduction of muscle pain

There is a study from the University of Illinois that states that drinking between two or three cups of coffee an hour before going for a run or cycling training helps relieve muscle pain that may appear after the session. If you don’t want to suffer from the typical stiffness, don’t forget to have your cup of coffee before training.



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